The Above-ground Petroleum Storage Act (APSA) was signed into law in the state of California in 2007. It defines a set of regulations and program pertaining to aboveground storage of petroleum products. The California Unified Program Agencies (CUPAs) are responsible for implementing the requirements of the APSA Act and therefore follow California state law. The state APSA sets forth standards and requirements that reference the federal standards.

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  • Cal EPA has provided guidance that clarifiers are not APSA exempt. Alternatively, the LA County Fire website contained the following on December 17, 2013  “…below grade clarifiers are not above ground storage tanks or containers. Clarifiers do not meet the definition of a UST or an AST and therefore are not regulated as a UST or an AST.” Links were available in December 2013 to each of these references but information was removed by regulators when checked again in February 2014.